Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chapter 13; Part 3 - Going Back Home

While going out ‘one last time,’ Mom and Dad and their friends always talk about keeping in touch during the summer months.

“I’ll call you on the weekends,” Sylvia says to Mom, “I get free weekends on my cell phone.”

“Oh, wonderful,” Mom answers, even though she dislikes talking through the static on those types of telephones.

“What’s your e-mail address?” Phyllis asks Mom. “We have to keep in touch.”

“I can’t remember. I’ll have to ask my husband,” Mom answers. Mom, whose limited interest in activities does not include learning how to use the computer, does not want to admit that she relies on Dad to send and respond to e-mails.

Most of their friends from the ‘Young in Spirit’ club also make plans to get together once during the summer, as they do every year. In the past several summers they have met in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“Why Atlantic City?” I ask Mom, “It’s so grungy there.”

“Well, there’s free bus service by the casinos from most of the Northeast cities,” she answers.

“Well, I guess that makes sense since not all of them drive. And the fact that it’s free; you and your friends can’t pass up a good bargain,” I say.

“Plus they have all-you-can-eat buffets at a lot of the casinos,” she adds.

“Now it really explains things. It reminds all of you of Florida, huh?”