Friday, January 8, 2010

Chapter 10; Part 3 - Evenings Out

Once a year toward the end of the winter season, the clubhouse offers a live show put on by the residents of Harbor View. It is a talent show, and any resident who is brave enough is allowed to perform in it. Mom and Dad never used to sign up to attend the year-end talent show, but they have heard that it is actually pretty good, so this past year, they decided to check it out. Mom said it really was very good.

“You won’t believe how talented some of these people are,” Mom said to me on the phone the day after the talent show.

“Really, what did they do?” I asked.

“Well, a few of the women sang and danced like chorus girls in a Broadway show. Sure, their kicks weren’t high like the Rockettes, but I give them credit. Their hair is gray, the skin on their arms is dangling, and most of them aren’t exactly slender, but they had a lot of energy and belted out show tunes like it was opening night on Broadway. I don’t know if I would even be able to remember the words to all of those songs they sang.”

“What else did people do?”

“One woman twirled the baton. She actually wore a glittering costume with knee-high boots. She wasn’t bad. She missed a few times, but, overall, it was remarkable for a woman who looked to be in her early eighties.”

“Wow, I’m impressed,” I said.

“One man did magic tricks. His reflexes weren’t so good, so you could sometimes see what he was doing. But the people in the audience were good sports. All of the performers got a standing ovation.”

“Did Dad like it?”

“Actually, he did. He said he’s thinking of participating next year.”

“Dad? What can he do?” I asked.

“He’s thinking of doing a comedy routine with Herb. They are planning on imitating the folks in Harbor View. You know, things like, ‘Did you hear that ambulance go by? There’s another condo available in Building 41.’”

“That sounds funny. But I hope no one is insulted. They may throw tomatoes at them,” I said.

“Nah, they’re a good-natured crowd when it comes to the talent show. Besides, if they threw anything, it would probably be matzo balls.”

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