Friday, February 5, 2010

Chapter 11; Part 1 - Trips

Doing the same things day in and day out at a retirement community in Florida can be boring after a few months, even when those ‘same things’ are playing, relaxing, eating, and lounging. When their lives start to seem monotonous, residents of Harbor View often decide to take a trip somewhere else – essentially a vacation from their vacation. Residents attempt to get away from the daily grind at Harbor View so that they can enjoy playing, relaxing, eating, and lounging at another location.

The trip could be a day trip, a weekend jaunt, or a whole week’s vacation. Sometimes they are impromptu trips decided on a day earlier around the pool; other times they are vacations sponsored by one of the Harbor View clubs planned months in advance.

Day trips are the most common for Mom, Dad and their friends to take. Mom and Dad will occasionally drive down to South Beach for a day at the beach and a nice meal in a trendy restaurant. Mom says South Beach is her favorite place to get away to since it is exactly the opposite of Harbor View – it’s fast, it’s hip, and most importantly, it’s young. “You get tired of looking at old people all of the time,” she tells me.

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