Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chapter 12; Part 4 - Visitors

Of course, going to Florida with the label of ‘single’ comes with added bonus conversations with Mom’s friends and neighbors.

This is a conversation that took place about four years ago between me and one of Mom’s friends:

“Oh, so you’re single?” Mom’s friend asked me, “Where do you live?”

“Outside of Washington, DC,” I answered.

“Well, I have a perfect man for you to meet. My son lives just north of Baltimore.”

“Well, I actually live on the Virginia side of DC, not the Maryland side. Baltimore is a good one and a half hours away.”

“Aaah, what’s one and a half hours at your age? You shouldn’t be too picky,” she answered.

“I’m only 27,” I replied.

“At 27, I was married with two kids. Anyway, that’s perfect; my son is 41.”

“Thanks, but no, thanks,” I said. “I like to date men who live close to me and who are nearer my age.”

“Okay, honey, but I’m telling you, you’re passing up on a winner. He’s a blank canvas; he’s never had a girlfriend before.”

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chapter 12; Part 3 - Visitors

When I first started visiting Mom and Dad several years ago, I was single. This is how Mom used to introduce me.

“Neighbor, this is my single daughter. She’s visiting from Washington, DC for a week,” Mom would say.

“Nice to meet you, single daughter,” Neighbor would reply. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Mom,” I would say later, “it’s insulting the way you introduce me as your single daughter.”

“Well, everyone knows that in addition to my son, I have two daughters – one single and one married to a wonderful man with three adorable children. So that’s how I always refer to you. They wouldn’t know which daughter I was talking about if I just said your name,” Mom answered.

“Well, I don’t like it. Please try to introduce me with a name next time.”

The next time we met one of her friends, this is how the conversation went:

Mom: Friend, I want to introduce you to my daughter, Amy.

Friend: Nice meeting you, Amy. Are you the single daughter or the married one with the wonderful husband and three beautiful children?