Monday, May 4, 2009

Chapter 7, Part 2 - The Pool

While the women gossip, the men are discussing a more pressing issue – their money. Of course, you might think that the men are talking about some important topics such as which stocks are prudent to be invested in, how the country’s economy is doing, or what the insurance needs are of the elderly. But let me explain something here about financial business in Florida. Because there are so many aged people and therefore the commission potential very high, financial planners and other investment-type people compete aggressively for the old folks’ business. And since retirement communities like Harbor View house thousands of residents with financial retirement needs, the businesspeople of Florida have come up with a lucrative marketing scheme – one they knew the elderly wouldn’t turn down – if a retiree attends an information seminar about their financial product, he gets a free lunch. Keeping that in mind, a conversation about finances between Dad and his friends around the pool usually goes something like this:

Dad: What are you doing tomorrow, Stan?

Stan: Johnson and Covney are offering a long-term care insurance seminar at Crispy’s – a three-course lunch in exchange for listening to a two-hour seminar. I’d invite you, but you had to reserve in advance.

Dad: That’s okay. My wife’s dragging me shopping tomorrow. The weathermen said it’s supposed to rain.

Stan: Hey, do you want to come with me on Thursday to a talk on keeping wills current? The lunch isn’t much – it’s just at one of those all-you-can-eat buffets, but the talk is only an hour long.

Dad: Is it, by chance, at Harvey’s buffet?

Stan: Yeah, I think it is.

Dad: Okay, then I’ll go. I like Harvey’s

At this point, Mom interjected: Ooh, I want to go with you. I like Harvey’s, too.

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