Friday, May 8, 2009

Chapter 7, Part 4 - The Pool

And of course the subject of the crazy drivers in Florida always comes up around the pool.

“The people down here cannot drive,” Dad complains to his pool buddies. “This morning some old man in front of me made a left turn from the far right lane.”

“Aaah, that’s nothing. That happens all the time. I was stuck behind some woman yesterday doing 15 in a 45.” Hymie adds to the conversation.

“That’s an old one too. I have the clincher. I saw a woman last week steer her husband’s car from the passenger seat, while he drove,” Stan says.

“They should make people stop driving when they turn 85,” Dad suggests.

“Hey, watch what you say. Some of us here are already 85,” Hymie says.

“Are you only 85, Hymie? I thought you were 87,” quips Stan.

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