Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chapter 7, Part 6 - The Pool

The most typical conversations around the pool, however, are about the everyday goings on in Florida of the other residents of Harbor View, and not always (okay, almost never) in a complimentary fashion. These conversations usually take place a minute or so after the person has left the pool.

“Did you see the new car that Phyllis and Herb bought? They paid a fortune for it, and it’s the ugliest color.” Stan says to Dad and the other men as Phyllis and Herb exit the pool area.

“That’s funny, Phyllis told me they got a good deal on it,” Flo answers.

“Nah, they got ripped off big time. Herb doesn’t know how to bargain.”

“Are you talking about that hideous-colored car that Phyllis and Herb bought?” Sylvia cuts in on the conversation. “Phyllis’ sister told me that they paid cash for it. Who has that kind of money lying around?”

“Stupid ones, that’s who,” Stan answers.

“Shhh…Herb will hear you,” Mom says, “I think I see him coming back for his towel.”

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