Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chapter 7, Part 3 - The Pool

Other topics of conversation around the pool among both men and women include which service people to retain while they are temporarily living in Florida.

“Phyllis do you like the beauty parlor you go to? I cannot seem to find a hairdresser down here who does my hair as well as my stylist back home,” Mom asks.

“Yeah, my hair salon is the only place in the area that is any good. But make sure you ask for my hairdresser. His name is Phil, and he’s the best around. If he’s not available, you can go to Marco. But, no matter what you do, don’t go to Linda. Her haircuts are good, but she doesn’t know how to color. She always makes my hair too red. I have to warn you, though, they charge a small fortune at this place.” Phyllis says.

“That’s okay. I pay an arm and a leg back home, too. Speaking of legs, how is yours doing?” Mom turns to Flo.

In the meantime, the discussion between Dad and his friends changes topics to services as well:

“Hymie, where do you take your car for an oil change?” Dad asks.

“I go to the place on Palm and 34th. The one with the big coconut out front pouring out oil,” Hymie says.

“Oh, no,” Stan interjects, “‘Oil, Not Toil’ is a much better place. The one on Hinden Boulevard, though, not the one on Lake Drive. They’re all a bunch of young kids at the Lake Drive shop.”

“Aah, they’re all young kids to me.” Hymie replies.

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