Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chapter 3, Part 2 - The People

Phyllis and Herb – Phyllis and Herb are Mom and Dad’s other good friends. Mom and Phyllis have a lot in common, as neither of them are real active – that is, neither has a passion for any particular activity. Unless, of course, you count frequenting the beauty parlor a passion, then Phyllis has one. Like most of the older women in Florida, Mom goes to the beauty parlor about once every six weeks to have her hair cut and colored. Phyllis, on the other hand, can be found at the hair salon twice a week, sometimes three, because she is enormously concerned about how she looks. She has her hair washed and set every Monday afternoon and gets her nails done every Friday morning. This is in addition to her monthly color and cut. And on special occasions, Phyllis (or rather her husband, Herb) also springs for a waxing or a pedicure.

Herb plays golf with Dad, that is, when he is not driving Phyllis around to the beauty parlor or other places. He can’t play golf on Sundays because Phyllis likes to go food shopping for the week, so Herb takes her to the supermarket. Of course he can’t play on Monday either because he has to take Phyllis for her wash and set. And on Friday mornings he drives her back to the beauty parlor to get her nails done. See, Phyllis does not drive. She never learned to, as she and Herb have always lived in New York City. Phyllis didn’t think it was worth her learning when they retired to Florida because she can have Herb drive her everywhere she needs to go.

My nicknames for them are Beauty and The Chauffeur.

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