Monday, March 30, 2009

Chapter 4, Part 4 - Condo Rules and Regs.

Mom and Dad didn’t think getting character references would be a problem for them as they have a lot of friends. So they were surprised when they received notice that one of their character references had been rejected.

”Rejected?” Mom screamed, “How can they reject one of our character references?”

“It says here that the people writing the reference didn’t know us long enough,” Dad answered her.

“But that was Flo and Irv’s reference. We’ve known them for 10 years and they also own a place in Harbor View. Isn’t that good enough for the Condo Board?” Mom asked.

“Apparently not. It says here in the fine print that the people providing the character references must have been acquainted with you for at least one-quarter of your life.”

“That seems like a kind of severe requirement,” Mom replied

“Well, compared to the shower question, that character reference rule is pretty reasonable,” I said to Mom after she told me about the reference being returned. “I’m surprised they didn’t ask your character references to get references.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure that will be the next step.”

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