Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chapter 4, Part 3 - Condo Rules and Regs.

Before Mom and Dad bought their condo unit, they had to be approved by the condo association. Getting approval included filling out a lengthy application, getting character references from friends and neighbors, and having an in-person interview with the condo board. Dad told me that the application they had to fill out was more detailed and complex than one you’d expect to fill out when applying for a job with the FBI.

“They asked us how many times per day, on average, we shower,” Dad said. “As I was filling out the application I thought that it was a ridiculous question to ask. But Flo and Irv told me why they ask it. The walls and floors are so thin in that building that you can hear everything that goes on in the neighbors’ units.”

“So I guess if a person wrote that he showered three times a day, he would be rejected admission to Harbor View?” I asked.

“Probably; no one in a downstairs apartment below wants to be disturbed by someone above him who showers too often.”

“So basically, residents of Harbor View are concerned if they hear their neighbors, but they don’t mind if they smell them,” I said.

“You got it,” Dad replied.

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