Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chapter 3, Part 7 - The People

Mom and Dad – What can I say about the parents that raised me? They are two of the most wonderful people I know. They have given more to my brother, my sister, and me than we could have asked for. They are generous, loving, and warm people who care deeply for their family and friends. But, enough of the sweet stuff; let’s face it, they fit in perfectly with the other Characters at Harbor View.

Mom cannot get out of the house before 10:00 in the morning because she cannot upset her leisurely morning routine of reading the paper, drinking a cup of tea, and fixing her face and hair, or her whole day will be ruined. She is too scared to drive in Florida because of the other crazy drivers, so she takes the shuttle bus everywhere she goes. Mom participates in very few of the organized Harbor View clubs, because she has little interest in structured activities, preferring instead to shop, eat, or sit by the pool. And lastly, even though she and Dad do not use the condo eight months of the year, she will not let any of her children stay at it when they are not there, because she is afraid we will not keep it just the way she would like.

Dad moves with the Harbor View flow of things a little bit more. He plays golf with his friends a couple of mornings a week, plays pool at the clubhouse with his cronies, and fishes in his spare time. But, he doesn’t hear any better than Hymie and refuses to get a hearing aid for fear it will make him look old (he’s 64 for the record. If you can’t get a hearing aid at 64, then at what age is it acceptable to get one?) Mom is the one who convinced Dad to retire to Harbor View, and he lets her make most all of the other decisions for them (mainly because one of Mom’s shortcomings is that she always has to get her way, and Dad usually gives in to her). Dad’s other quirk is that he refuses to buy new clothing. He always says he doesn’t need anything, although I suspect he just doesn’t want to spend the money. I am certain that he is still wearing clothes from my childhood. In fact, his clothes are so old that I am sure they will be back in style any day now.

For all of their peculiarities, I still lovingly call them Mom and Dad.

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