Friday, March 20, 2009

Chapter 3, Part 3 - The People

Stan and Susan – Stan and Susan are also from New York, as are many of the residents of Harbor View. However, back home Stan and Susan live in an expensive enclave of greater than $2 million homes in Oyster Bay, Long Island. If they sold their home in Long Island and moved to Harbor View permanently, they could afford to buy no fewer than 20 condos.

Yet the fact that they are filthy rich doesn’t stop Stan from using ‘buy one entrée get one free’ coupons at neighborhood restaurants. Now, you might think that’s not so bad, as nearly everyone in Florida uses these types of money-saving coupons. But let me assure you, Stan uses them differently. One day he asked Dad to grab a bite to eat with him at Nana’s Nosh.

“I have a ‘buy one sandwich, get one free’ coupon,” he enticed Dad.

“Great,” Dad said, thinking that eating a half-priced sandwich would be a nice way to spend the afternoon.

When they got to the deli, each of them ordered a pastrami sandwich on rye, which were priced at $5.95 a piece. After the meal, when the waitress came with the bill, Stan attached the coupon to it for his sandwich and asked Dad for $5.95 for Dad’s part. Stan didn’t even offer to pay for the tax or tip.

Stan’s wife Susan is a tiny woman who looks like she couldn’t hurt a fly. She also talks very quietly that you have to strain to listen to her. But that doesn’t stop her from sending food back wherever she goes. She will order a hot turkey sandwich in a restaurant, and send it back because it’s not hot enough. She will complain that her portion of fries isn’t big enough and ask for more. Mom and Dad have refused to eat out with her since the time she ordered an onion bagel with cream cheese at Bagel and Blintzes Bakery and sent it back because there weren’t enough onions on it. This was after she had already eaten more than half of the bagel.

My suggested Character names for them are Cheap Stan and Send it Back Sue.

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